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Sebastian Gerold, 
officially accredited Chubbuck Teacher, Publisher and Translator of "The Power of The Actor“,
Trainer of our Workshop in Vienna






Dear friends, dear colleagues,


We are very happy to be able to offer you a Chubbuck technique workshop in Vienna in July 2021. 


This is a two day workshop.


  • Friday, July 30th from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

  • Saturday, July 31st from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Sebastian Gerold our coach is an officially accredited Chubbuck teacher, Artistic Director of the Drama School Zerboni / Editor & translator of “The Power of The Actor“.


The workshop is especially aimed at professional Roma artists such as actors, directors and authors.


There are 12 positions for active participants on stage.


Number of audit participants:Covid regulation July and August 2021. If in lockdown the workshop will be held online.


Regardless of whether you are an actor, speaker, director, producer or screenwriter - The Power of   The Actor has already significantly influenced many artistic careers. The Vienna workshop is a unique opportunity to actively shape your path as an artist.


The following program awaits you in the two day workshop:


  • The Chubbuck technique in 12 steps

  • Instructions for your „Emotional Diary“

  • Sebastian Gerold as an actor and coach from a career spanning more than 30 years

  • Q & A

  • …..and much more! 

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Day 1: July 30th, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.


Twelve professional actors will be selected for the workshop and divided into 6 pairs. Sebastian works intensively on stage with these six couples for two days. A scene is selected and prepared in advance by mutual agreement. Around 80 minutes are allotted for each pair per session. Sebastian looks for weak points in every actor and gives practical guidance on the Chubbuck technique. At the end of the first day, the actors are given homework assignment and prepare their performance for the second day. The auditors are involved in the evaluation of each scene.

Day 2: July 31st, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. 


Based on the results of the previous day, the actors present their scenes in a revised form. Another evaluation follows, with Sebastian refining his feedback and giving the actors the opportunity to work on the details. Sebastian summarises the leaning from each round for the auditors. At the end of the workshop there will be a Q & A.


Registrations via Facebook do not count as entitlement to participate! All registrations must be submitted by email and confirmed by us.


Registration for the course is via:



Due to the great interest in the workshop, we will issue confirmations of participation on a „first come first serve“ principle.


Sebastian Gerold

Sebastian Gerold, who has been in front of the camera since he was five, is known for his involvement in television productions such as Tatort, Die Chefin, Der Bergdoktor, Forsthaus Falkenau, Unser Charly, Die Rote Meile, Marienhof. Sebastian Gerold is very popular in Bavaria because of his role as the seedy car mechanic Mathias „LEX“ Lexbacher in the BR series Dahoam is Dahoam. In addition to his appearances on TV, Sebastian Gerold can also be seen in cinema productions such as Zeit der Schatten or Five Friends 2, among many others. 

He received his education at the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York. After returning to Germany, he initially worked as an assistant for the Canadian drama teacher Jacqueline McClintock. Since 2008 he has been teaching the Meisner technique [A 1] and has teaching assignments at several schools / universities, for example at the HFF, drama school Amsterdam, the drama school Zerboni and many more. Gerold is the only Chubbuck technique coach in Germany who was trained as a certified Chubbuck teacher by Ivana Chubbuck herself in Los Angeles. 


Ivana Chubbuck is a Hollywood coaching legend. During her 30-plus year career, she has worked with a variety of stars including Brad Pitt, Jared Leto, Charlize Theron, Halle Berry, James Franco, Jim Carrey and Jake Gyllenhaal to name a few. The technique THE POWER OF THE ACTOR developed by her is used worldwide - with award-winning results: Oscars, Emmys, Tonys and other international awards. The Chubbuck technique is a 12 step system based on psychology and behavioural science. It leads the actor to the heart of the role and thus to his original needs: love, validation and power.


What should I bring to the event as an auditor?

Pen and pad; Snacks and drinks are offered at the theatre bar.


Workshop language?

English; Participants must have good English knowledge in order to be accepted.


Who is my contact person for an application to be an active participant on stage?

Simonida Selimovic & Eva Oskarsdottir:

We only accept applications from experienced actors, directors and writers of Roma origin.